I’m 23 years old and live in Odense, on the island Fyn, right in the middle of Denmark. I am a Multimedia Designer and am currently studying Digital Concept Development. I really enjoy working with marketing, branding, social media, online data analysis, user research, neuro analysis and also have a wide set of skills and experience within designing, website maintenance and video filming and editing.

Some of the tools and softwares that I mainly work with are Google Analytics, Wordpress and different plugins, and Facebook Insights to name a few, and I also know my way around most Adobe software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premier Pro.

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Why I am your new intern?

I have a number of good reasons why I should be your new intern. Here's three of them:

With a wide range of different skills ranging from business and marketing knowledge, and online data analysis, to digital designing and video production, I am sure that I can help you out with something. Also I have knowledge about website maintenance, and I have worked with CMSs such as Wordpress.
No doubt we can find something for me to do, otherwise I will help you out.
This will be my second internship. I spent my first one at Fleetwood Town Football Club in England, and therefore have experience in what it takes to create content and work in a business. Also the projects I work with at my academy almost always have external clients which are real businesses, and therefore it is a natural part of my work to communicate, present and in general work closely together with clients, partners and colleagues.
I am free! It may sound cheap, but it is true. You don’t have to pay me a dime, as all I am really interested in is experience and professional guidance. The internship has to be a minimum of three months and the jobs you have for me need to have relevance for my education, but that is pretty much it. All we need to do is to get your business accepted as a Internship Host at my academy, and then I could be yours. Easy isn’t it?
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Fjordsgade 31 5000 Odense C, DK
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E-mail: mail@timhansen.dk Phone: +45 29 85 70 81